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Monday, 15 September 2014

Flavoured Paneer

2Litre full fat milk
4Tablespoons vinegar
1tablespoon chopped red bell pepper
1tablespoon chopped yellow bell pepper
1tablespoon chopped green bell pepper
Salt as per taste
1teaspoon white pepper powder

In a big pan bring the milk to boil
, add vinegar gradually
so that the milk mass and whey separate completely.Add 10-15 ice cubes. Rest for a minute.
Strain in a colander lined with muslin cloth
drain the water by squeezing

. then take out paneer in a bowl and rub the paneer with fingers &now add salt , white pepper powder ,finely chopped bell peppers (yellow,red, green )

,now again transfer this paneer mix in a muslin cloth
,knot the muslin cloth and hang it to get rid for any excess liquid,for 30 to 40 min
.now to set paneer knead the paneer and flatten it mould
under heavy weight.
(If you see need for some thickness add 1-2 tsp of maida knead and set well) set it for 2-3 hours..Cover the paneer with a cold water

refrigerate it atleast for 1/2 hour.cut Flavoured paneer as your desire shape

enjoy Kritika's cuisine.

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