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Friday, 12 September 2014

Chocolate Ukadache modak

 Unique and Special Maharashtrian Delicacy which is prepared on the Occasion of Ganesh festival.

For filling
1/2cup grated dark compound chocolate
1/4cup dry fruits chopped (optional)

For the cover
1cup fine , fresh Rice flour
1cup water
¼ tsp salt
2 tsp ghee

Combine grated chocolate &dry fruits
.now the stuffing is ready for Modaks.
For modak covering

For this, boil 1 cup of water, water starts bubbling, turn the heat to low, add ghee,salt and quickly add rice flour.
Stir well.
Cover for 2 minutes.
Remove the lid and mix properly.
Turn off the heat.Turn out the mixture into a plate.
knead it properly while hot,Keep pressing the mixture with the bottom of a flat bowl to knead it.this releases the lumps easily this mixture should be sticky to the touch, soft pliable dough,
Divide the dough into equal sized balls,
Take one ball and make an impression in the middle with your thumb to make it look like a small cup.
With the thumb still inside and rest of the fingers pointing downwards along the outer side of the cup,
gradually shape it bowl put some stuffing into the center of the bowl.

Dip thumb and index finger in water and make small pinches side by side all along the outer surface of the bowl.Gather the periphery at the top and join to form a peak.
Seal cracks with some dough.
Similarly, shape rest of the balls
and arrange them in a steamer.steam it for 10 min .. Modaks are ready to be serve ready to be served
garnished chocolate sauce and ghee on top ?

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