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Friday, 12 December 2014

Bajre Chi Bhakri / Bajre Ki Roti

3 cup bajre ka aata /millet flour
Salt 1teasppon
Warm water
1 tablespon sesame seeds

In a big bowl add bajre ka aata
 and rub it into flour using your fingertips.Knead dough till smooth adding little warm water at a time,
 keep the dough a side for 5 minutes .
Mean while heat a tawa ,make medium size balls
 dust with flour and roll it with palm, rotate your palm and make circle bhakri ,
sprinkle one side sesame seeds. / OR you can make it using plastic bag place it between it and roll it with roller / belan remove gently ,from plastic bag and place on the hot tava
 putting light pressure on the bhakhri with a muslin cloth till golden brown spots appear on both the sides
 and the bhakhri turns crisp. Apply ghee / fresh white butter and serve it bharta or jhunka or any other curry enjoy Kritika's cuisine..

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