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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Falhari Thalipeeth Without potatoes / Paratha 

Falhari Thalipeeth Without potatoes / Paratha

2 cup singade ka aata / water chestnut flour
1cup grated lauki
1tablespoon chopped coriander
1teaspoon chopped green chilli
Rock Salt 1teaspoon
Water if required

In a big bowl take sindharde ka aata and grated lauki , chilli , coriander, salt rub it into flour using your fingertips.
Knead dough till smooth add little warm water if required at ,keep the dough a side for 5 -7 minutes .
Mean while heat a tawa ,make medium size balls dust with flour and roll it with hand rotate your palm and make circle like chapati.or you can make it using plastic bag place it between it and roll it with roller / belan remove gently from plastic bag

and place on the hot tava putting light pressure on it with a muslin cloth till golden brown brush it with oil , spots apply on both the sides and the thalipeeth turns crisp
. Serve it falhari curry enjoy Kritika's cuisine..

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