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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Low fat & Sugar Free Custard 


Custard powder 2/3 tablespoon
Amul skimmed milk 1 cup
Amul low fat fresh cream 1 1/2cup
Sugar free natura 4 tablespoon
Diabetic friendly mix fruits 1/2 cup chopped (i used apple , kiwi & papaya )

In a pan mix custard powder, sugar free in a skim milk together ,place pan on a stove, bring custard mix into boil & stir continuously for about 3 min thick custard mix is ready let it cool it down at room temperature itstakes about 30 min,
now whip amul low fat fresh cream whip it for 5 to 6 min tell it become light and fluffy place it in a refrigerator ,when custard mix is completely cool down mix it in a whip cream fold in the rest of the cream gently and add mix fruits.
Refrigerat it for an hour
You can top it with dry fruits.

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