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Monday, 20 June 2016

Amarkhand /Mango Shrikhand

Amarkhand /Mango Shrikhand

250 grams Yogurt ( fresh yogurt should not be sour )or Chakka ( overnight hunged yogurt )

 1/2 cup Sugar  or as required as your taste 
2- 3 medium size fresh Mangoes
1/4 teaspoon Cardamom powder 

Place  yogurt in a muslin cloth & hang it for 4- 5 hours OR overnight  to drain out the excess water  from it , and keep it inside the refrigerator otherwise it will become sour. OR if you are using chakka you can use it directly to the recipe . 
Wash the mangoes and peel the skin &chop them now take blender jar add chopped mango pulp sugar blend to to smooth paste 
Beat this hung curd (chakka) well , until it becomes creamy ,mango puree & Cardamom powder  to it and mix well till it become creamy . Chill for three hours. You may top with some finely slivered pistachios and almonds .serve chilled 

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